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Total Home Comfort

The golden triangle is the science behind a comfortable home. Without it, you can’t make a perfect home. How do you rate your own home with golden triangle? What is the weakest link of the golden triangle for your room? What stops you from having the ultimate comfort home?

Great INSULATION without VENTILATION can trap dampness inside.

Great VENTILATION with weak INSULATION makes the house cold.

Great INSULATION without HEATING remains cold inside.

True Eco way to ventilate your home "Open Windows"


Adequate temperature, Inadequate cooling (Hot summer day):

  1. Passive ventilation
  2. Heat pumps

Insufficient insulation (low roof cause radian heat effect to pass through the ceiling like seating in an oven  = solution insulation retrofit


Insufficient ventilation – Too cold constantly kept windows closed

Insufficient insulation – Incorrect product installed, Old product aging update necessary.

Insufficient Heating Solution

Insufficient insulation (low roof cause radian heat effect to pass through the ceiling like seating in an oven  = solution insulation retrofit

Passive Ventilation

NOT ALL houses need a ventilation system but ALL houses need to have good ventilation for the health and longevity of both living being and the property. For some houses, cheapest way would be utilising nature, identify wind direction in the area and season.  Simply by opening one window on wind direction and another on the opposite direction. This would be the greatest gift from nature which even cave man and animals live underground (one word) know how to do it we call PASSIVE VENTILAITON.

 Sometimes, if nature is not on our side, machinal way of forcing air in might be the only way.


Mechanical Ventilation

Ventilation is vital for Health of the home as well as people. Accumulation of moisture link to issues of asthma, allergy, endless chronic condition, dust mites you name it. For landlords, some tenants simply just don’t open windows or doors.  Protecting assets would be on their own hand.

 Ventilation full range available from economical rental package Under $2000 economical model up to $25,000 with build-in hybrid Heatpump system available.



Double power NZ

Insulation is not insulation with heat. We aren’t sure who coined the term ‘insulation’. The so called Insulation Material is merely a way to create an extra layer of air gap between two different spaces, so that the two spaces will not be in direct contact thus less impact on temperature changes (ISOLATION). Down Jackets use feathers to stand up and create an air bubble that uses the same concept. With a low roof, especially tin roofs, insulation will stop radiant heat from getting into the house. 


Our team are trained and certified members of the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ), the organisation responsible for creating NZ building codes and insuring industry quality standards. Unlike ordinary builders who know a little bit of everything, we are fully specialised in Ventilation so you are in the best hands. Contact us for a No Obligation Quote today!



Heating has been categorised to two types;

Radiant Heat: Like the Sun radiates heat. Not affected by wind. Radiates right into and right through our body.

Convection Heat: Heated Air uses much less energy than Radiant Heating Method (energy saving) 10-20 times less energy than a fireplace. Air blows on our skin give us instant comfort.



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Passive Ventilation Screens:

Add the Final Touch to your home with Custom Screens. These are a form of Passive Ventilation, won’t block your view and a TRUE Eco Product. Click the Link below for more details.


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Healthy Homes Guarantee Act: Ground Moisture Barrier

Healthy Homes Standards Legislation signed off into Law

Healthy Homes Insulation Regulation for Rentals

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